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Getting around Kuta Lombok is easy by car or motor bike and you can hire these at in all tourism areas, with an international drivers licence. The roads are generally poor and not really comfortable for driving in now days, but the central Lombok goverment are still working on it as they said will be done in next couple of years.

Bau Nyale festival
Every February the Sasak people of Lombok have a very interesting ceremony, held on the beautiful Indian Ocean south coast of the island. Thousands of people go to the single beach near Kute (Kuta) where, for one day only, the Nyale sea worms appear. They seek to harvest the worms, which appear only between midday and about 3.30pm on the one day in February.

Special traditional art performances take place, including Betandak, a recitation by two or more performers singing quatrains, and Bejambik, the giving of gifts to lovers. The next day, people join in the ceremony of Belancaran, basically a recreational sea trip.

Bau Nyale celebrates the legend of a beautiful princess, Putri Mandalika, who many centuries ago lived in the royal house of the Tonjang Beru kingdom. She was so beautiful that many princes from all over Lombok were interested in her. On one particular day, and at the same time, six princes came to propose marriage.

This led to much confusion. Putri Mandalika's father, the king, did not know who to choose from among the six suitors, because whatever he did it would inevitably lead to jealousy and eventually warfare among the kingdoms.

Greatly perturbed, he decided to leave the decision to Putri Mandalika, but she too was confused and uncertain what to do because whatever her decision, her choice of a prince to marry would create a situation in which her people would be drawn into conflict and personal sacrifice. According to the legend, Putri Mandalika decided to resolve the situation by ending her life, and jumped into the Indian Ocean from what is now Mandalika Hill. It is said that the Nyale worms are actually the princess's hair, with her people for ever.

What to see
There are six main beaches in Kuta and nearby area, the main beach Kuta beach, Seger Beach, Tanjung A'an beach, Mawun Beach, Mawi beach, and Selong belanak beach
Kuta Beach
It's gorgous beach for having a swim except on low tide, for watching fisherman and sea grass farmer activities, also good sunrise. The fine Kuta beach is anice occasion for relaxing walk. Most of the tourist facilities are here such, restaurants, internet, accommodations, surf shop, telephone service, etc.

Seger Beach
Where the only first class hotel, Novotel is located. nice beaches for swim, relaxing, and surf break are nearby. This white sand beach a truly gorgeous.

Tanjung A'an Beach
This beach is located 5 kilometers from Kuta beach, the stunning deserted beaches of your dreams. This beautiful white sand beach comprise of two sand bay with the perfect turquoise water. They are separated in the middle by rocky outcrop which you can climb.

The gorgeous white sand beach in the west of Kuta beach and over the hill, the great view point with nice view over the bay of Kuta Lombok. This beaches are great for swimming, sun bathe, relaxing and surfing.

Selong Belanak
This beach is located in the west of Mawun, Selong Belanak is situated in a bay between two rugged mounts. It offer great views and opportunities for surfing, swimming, and fishing.

What To do
Every day in paradise is precious so the pressure to not waste time on unworthy destination is great idea. Every traveller have their own taste of traveling to have some tips from travel writers nor other travellers may be nit similar taste with yours, so try the maximum of enjoyment like our slogan '" If you never try you will never never Know".

Most of Lombok's south coasts offer surf-seekers challenging waves of various grades. Particularly there are four surf-points, which are highly recommended for surf lovers. Within the Lombok's Kuta Beach there are two points, namely Gerupuk that provides neutral waves, and Aik Guling offering waves mostly for the left-handed. Several kilometers to the West of Kuta Beach there is Pengantap desert point that provides various grades of attractions, but it is ideal only during the periods of June, July, August, December and January. The next break is at Ekas Beach that reserves challenging waves and reef-break-points, reachable by boat or by land from Kuta Beach on an approximately one and half hour cruise.

Lombok Surfing Spots and Breaks

Air Guling:
2 breaks - a hollow shifty left, best at mid to High tide A nice right with a fast inside section, best at low to Mid tide Has reasonable protection from the wind. Transport: 20 minutes drive and a 20-minute walk or just 20 minutes by boat from Kuta Beach.

This is a fairly typical Indo reef break. Nice and consistent with powerful long rides when the swell picks up. Sensitive to winds. It's better during the raining season with NE winds.
Two main peaks:
The right: good peaky right on the west side. Can be powerful.
The left: at the east side of the bay. Rarely works.

Desert Point Bangko-Bangko
Very long, hollow waves that almost always end in a barrel. It needs some swell though to really start working. Watch out for low tide sessions!! The inside breaks on dry reef.
Overview: Atmosphere Voted "The Best Wave in the World" by Aussie Tracks magazine. But it is also one of the most inconsistent waves in the world, needing a mega swell. But if you're there on the right day...

Ekas Bay:
Is located on the east side of Kuta, it’s take about 30 minutes by car to Awang village and take the boat out to Ekas bay for another 25 minutes. A reef break, it has two spots; Outside and Inside Ekas. Outside Ekas, left-hander, one a heavy wave when it’s big and it can be inconsistent, maximum it’s get 10 foot, mid to high tide. Inside Ekas, it’s a fun peaky wave, just about 5 minutes by boat from outside. Left and right hander works when bigger swell, with left-hander from mid to high tide and right-hander from mid to low tide, hallow and barreling at inside section. Maximum 8 foot, need to be South-east wind trade, with strong wind at some days the rip can be so strong and hardly get to the point.

Overview: Remote and beautiful. With at least 10 surf breaks in Ekas Bay and on the remote south-east corner of Lombok. All accessible by road or boat from Heaven on the Planet. the only real beginner's wave in Lombok, plus crash hot waves when it is big. works on every swell at the bay or on the southern reefs. Easy left, hard right and barreling right all within 1 km of the resort.

Mawi Beach: It is one of the most beautiful and enchanting bay of Indonesia. Really a dream land!!! Since it is isolated, pay attention not to hurt yourself: waves can be very powerful, with long hold downs. Once I saw a tiger shark in the water, but fishermen say it is exceptional.

This huge bay just about 7 km east Kuta and in a big days it’s offer few different breaks around the bay, reef breaks and to get to the breaks a boat is needed. Inside Gerupuk or Bumbang Bay, right-hander, flat reef or sand bottom which is suitable for all level and fun waves. The big days of Southwest swell can be great day to surf it. This break is almost surf-able at any seasons even sometime need to get right tide, in coming tide it is best time.

It can handle any wind trade as it’s protected and surrounded by hills. Maximum it can get 8 foot. Gerupuk Outside or Gili Golong, right-hander, good at mid to high tide, better take your booties if it sallow. A huge wave and big take off at the point then long ride when you get to inside section which can be a fast and hollow section. Maximum it can get 10 foot, from October to April. Don-Don, it sets on the way to Gerupuk Inside, peak left and right hander. All surfers level, at any season or at least not too much wind, this break can be great fun, need to have a bigger swell. Any tide, out going tide would be best time. Pelawangan or Kid’s Point, another right-hander for beginners, only in a big days and it can be very hollow at out going or in coming tide.

Seger Beach
Located just 2 km from Kuta, a reef break, right hander sometime left-hander. This break works when swell drop, classic wave and can hold up to 6 foot with the right wind, it can get hollow and barreling, best at in coming or out going tide.

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Climbing Rinjani LombokMt Rinjani, Lombok's famous volcano, soar 3726 m above sea level and is the second highest volcano in Indonesia, attracting thousands of trekkers and climbers annually. semi active and held in awe by the islanders who regullarly ascend the steep trail to the crater Rim. semi active and held in awe by the islanders who regularly ascend the steep trail to the crater rim. We follow in their footsteps completing an introductory trek and spending a full day wandering the crater to appreciate the bright emerald green waters of Lake Segara Anak

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